| concept model by Studio Enzo Valerio |
A 1960’s post modernist post-office building adapted into collective and individual studio spaces, workshops, artist residency, café & residential accommodation through on-site integrated design and construction.

The new studio named
Playtime has become a unique hub for creativity in the centre of Rotterdam, offering spaces for design, research and small-scale construction to a community of approximately thirty creatives.

The project was built for designers by designers. We, the architects, designed and built everything ourselves, allowing for the user requirements, construction process, build ability and craftsman skill to inspire the design.

“By doing the execution ourselves we are learning a lot about the materials we work with and we are developing a big set of building skills. New insights, tools and skills inspire the architectural detailing used in the project, leading to a straightforward yet poetic end result in which proportions, composition and craft play an important role.

As an architect, it feels very good to build.”

Enzo Valerio / Director

For further project information, please see: enzovalerio.com 
| work in progress |
| metal frameworks|
| lighting grid |
| services details |

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