| treated bamboo |
A series of temporary bamboo structures erected for the 2018 edition of Shankra music and arts festival, providing a special DJ platform through integrated design and construction.

In close collaboration with Natrufied Architecture, a small team designed and built the bamboo forms which were inspired by the local natural surroundings of the steep Alp valleys. The choice of bamboo material and simple construction methods were important factors in the speed, build ability and temporality of the design.

“With ground drills, the bamboo poles were anchored into the ground. The bamboo joints were simply made with dowels and ropes. These construction techniques provide the structures to be easily dismantled and reused for the future editions of the festival.”

Boris Zeisser / Director

For further project information, please see: nomadicresorts.com or natrufied.nl
| construction coffee break |
| built performance stage |

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